Author Topic: Toyota 4x4 Lift Spindles for LT  (Read 4780 times)


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Toyota 4x4 Lift Spindles for LT
« on: May 29, 2009, 12:22:07 AM »
I have a set of lift spindles that work with esb's kit, jd fabs kits and many more. If you have a long travel kit with no lift spindles for your 86-95 4x4 toyota pickup that use a horizontal uni-ball these lift spindles will work for you.

-4.5" of lift
-made out of 1430 .25" steel.
-1.5" x .375 wall tube.
-all mounting points are counterbore to lock misalignment into spindles.
-lower mounting plate bolts to stock ball-joint wholes and lock lower uni-ball.

These spindles are crazy beefy.


i can ship for a extra $50

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