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MotoX & Off-Road: Sept. Sked. @ the Dunes
« on: September 07, 2010, 11:04:15 AM »
Sept. Sked. @ the Dunes
7 September 2010, 6:08 am

  From Gopher Dunes

Update on Labour Day Monday, September 6, 2010....

In our last mail-out we had already announced our opening hours for Labour Day weekend, and so far it's been a very busy couple of days!  Lots of riders are still wanting to get in that last practice ride before the new school year kicks in and are finding these slightly cooler riding conditions much more accommodating.  Again today (Sept. 6) we are open from 11am to 7pm and welcome out all leisure bike and ATV riders.  

To keep everyone up-to-date with our September schedule of opening hours, here's the scoop:

Tuesday, September 7 -- 4pm to 7:45pm

Wednesday, September 8 thru Friday, September 10 -- 11am to 7:45pm

Saturday, September 11 & Sunday, September 12 -- 11am to 6pm

Monday, September 13 -- CLOSED

Tuesday, September 14 thru Friday, September 17 -- 11am to 7:45pm

Saturday, September 18 -- 11am to 6pm

Sunday, September 19 -- Season Finale POKER RUN in conjunction with Hully Gully -- all dirt bike & ATV riders are welcome to participate in this non-competitive leisure ride day on the track & trails, where 'luck of the draw' will win you a trophy + endless draw prizes to be won!!  ....stay tuned for more details to follow....

Monday, September 20 -- CLOSED

Tuesday, September 21 thru Friday, September 24 -- 11am to 7:45pm

Saturday, September 25 -- 11am to 6pm  &  a 'Happy Birthday to Frank'

Sunday, September 26 -- FALL 4x4 MUDFEST inviting all trucks & jeeps to this ever-popular participant and spectator event!!  CLOSED to all bikes and quads on this day.

Monday, September 27 -- CLOSED

Tuesday, September 28 thru Friday, October 1 -- 11am to 7:30pm

October hours of operation to be posted in future update.

Notice of October scheduled events:

Saturday, October 9 -- TVR Club Race

Sunday, October 24 --  CMRC Season Finale Motocross & Vintage Races   **with exciting attractions & changes**

Gopher Dunes is continuing to offer dirt bike and quad training lessons between Tuesday through Friday until late October.  This is for anyone interested in learning the basics of off-road riding right to the more advanced racers wanting to improve their skills for riding in sand!  Call now to book your & quad rentals available for training plus full riding gear.  Call Barb at 519-842-2781 or email:   For more information visit:  

Source: Inside MotoX and Off Road

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