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MDR King of the Desert 250/
« on: April 25, 2010, 02:19:05 AM »
Wow! What an exciting race this weekend. I arrived in Plaster City this Thursday around 4 P.M. What a wild ride. There was rain, sleet and snow on the way. It's an interesting ride when you're 25,000 lbs. and no exhaust brake in a Cummins diesel!

My buddy Rodney was already out there when I got there so we marked off a huge pit for everyone. It's really amazing how many people show up to help support and wrench on Barry and Tex's truck. Our pit was filled with 30 or so people by 9 P.M. that night.

Friday morning around 10 A.M. the skies had cleared up and the rain stopped so we went pre-running. The course was 35 miles long and we went out in a group. There was My Tundra, a Samurai, an 80's Toyota pickup, a Baja Bug, an Explorer Sport Trac, a bike, and a Rhino. From start to finish we pre-ran the course in 2 hrs. After another pre-run later that day we took the truck to tech and finished the night drinking beer and eating BBQ.

Saturday morning 8 A.M. and it's time to race! At 8:23:41 Tex was hammer down. This truck is really fast with the 5.0 Mustang motor and all of the suspension. I was able to shoot video from around mile marker 6 and 15 on the first lap. I wasn't able to access the rest of the course in time to catch them.

The first lap took an hour and 3 minutes because a shock was rubbing on a hard brake line and put a hole in it. It took a 10 minute pit stop to band-aid the problem.  The second lap was a very reputable 50 minutes! On the third lap a slower car put on its brakes going through the wash just after the trestles. Tex ran into that car and got stuck in the calf high sand causing a 58 minute lap. The last lap was 51 minutes.

It's good to see this truck get another finish this season! With 19 entries in 1400 only 8 finished. We finished 4th! Not bad for a garage built truck on a limited budget. Once all the bugs are worked out this truck will be very competitive.

The new DezertNation front end worked flawlessly. The truck looks really cool with the headlight stickers. And it sounds BadAss with the mufflers on it.

This right here is how it's supposed to look!

I posted about 15 more videos on YouTube. Just type into their search bar and you can see all of my videos.