Author Topic: Oregon Sand Dunes, video  (Read 915 times)

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Oregon Sand Dunes, video
« on: February 10, 2010, 12:34:12 AM »
I'm just playin around in this video. I drove the truck there so I couldn't go too crazy since the drive home was like 16hrs. Since the camera is so far away from the truck in that huge bowl, it looks like I'm going slow, there are some parts where I'm doin 80! In this video the truck has an electric fan, drop in K&N, S&S Long Tube Headers, Their high flow cats, Their 2.5" Y pipe, and cat back leading all the way back to a Borla Muffler.

I make a muffler that actually sounds better than the Borla. Most trucks with a V8 and single out exhaust will sound about like my truck does in this video when running my muffler only a little louder.

Hopefully the video isn't too boring, I was having a lot of fun just drifting around. The video was shot in July 09'

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