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Chevy Trucks : Off-Road Chevy Trucks / Re: The "Official" S10 Picture Thread
« on: September 07, 2008, 08:10:52 PM »
long beds are alot easier to link also, more room between the axle and cab

hey grandma...

is that the trailor products front glass u r runnin??

i like the look of um.. the glass works 4in i got i dnt really like...
yeah all the glass is trailer products, the front is their 6" flair but it wasnt high enough so I had to cut them.

I found a few cool ones

damn dude you throw some big air in that shit!! what kind of front hubs/spindals and rear axle are you runnin?
I'm running stock spindles and hubs, the spindles are fully plated and gusseted. I need way stronger spindles though, I just have to fully go over them after every trip looking for cracks or stress markes. the rear axle is out of a chevy 4x4 1500, I switch the axles shafts with a 2x4 so they are 5 lug to match the front. its just a 8.5" 10 bolt rear end, its trussed from backing plate to backing plate though.

I have alot of pics here if you want to check them out

got a few more, there alittle small though but I like them

I found a few cool ones

I got my 95 4.3 extra cab with about 115k for $600, my first vehicle. after a few more $s its fully caged front to rear, 6" over (soon to be 7 1/2") arms, and 4 linked in the rear.

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